International Symposium on Growing Media, Soilless Cultivation, and Compost Utilization in Horticulture


broadwayreshallThe symposium has made arrangements for attendees to stay at the dorm rooms on campus at the Broadway Residence Hall at Portland State University.  The Broadway Residence Hall is about 1 block from the conference meeting room.  The Broadway Residence Hall is an eleven-story student residence located at the corner of SW Broadway and Jackson Street with its northern-wing extending to SW College Street and its eastern-wing to SW 6th Ave. The housing portion of the building consists of studio apartments. There is no obligation to book rooms at the dorm and attendees are welcome to make accommodations as you desire in the city.

The cost for these rooms is $68 per room/per night (maximum of two guests per room). Please make your reservations quickly. Space is guaranteed only if you make your reservation by July 1. Reservations made after that time will be on a case-by-case basis.

To make your arrangements directly with Portland State University, please visit their housing portal at   Once on the portal, please follow their screen by screen instructions to create an account and reserve and pay for your room. Portland State University uses Paypal to collect their housing payments. Should you experience any difficulties in making your reservations, please contact Portland State University’s Housing Department at 1-503-725-4336 or

These rooms are very economical; however, as they are university dorm rooms, there are some differences you should be aware of before you book your stay:

  • All dorm rooms will have single beds (two).
  • There is no room service available.
  • There are no early or late nights for those coming early or leaving late (separate accommodations would need to be made at other hotels/venues for additional nights either before or after the symposium).
  • The rooms do not have air conditioning however the weather in Portland in August is mostly pleasant and not excessively warm.
  • If you wish to share the room with someone, the university will not split payment between individuals. One person must pay for the full room and you will need to make arrangements to split costs between yourselves.
  • PSU has provided a short guide to policies for those staying in the dorms which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Note: If you plan on sharing a room, you will need the names of both people who will be sharing when you go to register. If you have requested to participate in the Share-a-Room program, we will contact you separately with a match as soon as we have one available.

Portland State University Short Guide to Policies

This short guide to policies provided is a summary of expectations for all Summer Housing and Conference guests.  All guests are required to abide by all PSU policies, local, state, and federal laws, and expectations set forth by the conference organizers.  If a guest has any questions regarding policies or expectations please contact a Summer Housing and Conferences staff person and/or refer to the PSU website.
Check In/Out Check-in is between 2:00pm – 10:00pm on the date specified on the contract, unless alternative arrangements are made in advance. Check-out is 10:00am on the date specified on the contract. If check-out occurs after the specified check-out time, the Guest may be subject to additional room charges. For those checking out by 10:00am, the storage of luggage is possible. The storage area will be locked. Summer Housing and Conferences offers this as a service but Guests assume all responsibility for the items placed in temporary storage.
Guest Services


Towels and Linens – SHC will offer the opportunity to exchange towels and linens on two Mondays and Thursdays each week. Location and details about this services will be posted in each building and on each floor.

Summer Housing and Conferences office will be open 7-days a week from 7:00am-12:00am.

Summer Housing and Conferences staff will be available on call to all guests after hours. On call numbers are posted on the guest floors.

Policies & Charges


The Housing Handbook is a particularly good resource and guests are required to abide by the policies of the UHRL Housing Handbook. It can be found online at

Smoking/Tobacco – Summer Housing and Conferences, as a part of Portland State University, operates a smoke free environment. Therefore, smoking is not permitted in any PSU buildings under any circumstances and is not permitted in any common areas such as hallways, lobbies, or balconies. This policy applies to all tobacco products, e-cigarettes, marijuana, use or possession of hookahs, and creating smoke by any means including incense and candles.

Trash and Garbage-Guests are responsible for taking their trash to the designated disposal area.

General upkeep of rooms during guest’s stay is the responsibility of the guest.

Alcoholic Beverages -he consumption of alcoholic beverages is NOT PERMITTED for guests under the age of 21. Guests 21 and over are allowed to consume alcohol only in the privacy of their room, with the door closed.

Keys and Access Card –Guests will be charged $80.00 for lost, stolen or unreturned room keys and/or access card. Keys and access card must be returned to the Summer Housing and Conferences Office (625 SW Jackson Street, Suite 210) on the check-out date and time listed on the Contract or guests will be subject to additional room charges.

Parking – Guests may purchase one daily parking pass at the Summer Housing and Conferences office, during business hours, for $15 per day (passes expire at 8:00am the next day). Additional passes can be purchased through Transportation and Parking Services, or at any parking kiosk. Summer Housing and Conferences is not responsible for any improperly displayed permits, expired permits or other parking issues.

Quiet Hours – Please help maintain a comfortable living environment for everyone by maintaining quiet hours from 10:00pm to 10:00am.

Responsibility for damages – Guest shall be responsible for charges for loss or damage of facilities:

a) Guest is financially responsible for all damage caused by the Guest to facilities, fixtures, equipment, and items provided for Guest’s use, including, without limitation, public and common area damages (such as lounges, recreation rooms, corridors, bathrooms, etc.), loss of equipment, or defacement of any area in common use.

b) Guest may be charged for additional housekeeping or maintenance costs incurred by Summer Housing and Conferences and for any change in the general condition of University property that is not the result of normal wear and tear.

c) Charges for loss, damages, excessive cleaning, and lost keys during the Contract Term period will be assessed to Guest’s account. When more than one guest occupies the unit or space and responsibility cannot be ascertained, any damage charge(s) will be assessed equally among the guests.

Fire Alarms – In case of a fire alarm, all guests are required to evacuate facilities until notified by proper authorities that facilities are safe to re-enter.

Guest Property – Summer Housing and Conferences is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property in University Housing facilities due to fire, theft, pests, water, interruption of water or heat, other utility problems, damages caused by other guests, or other causes.

Room Entry/Inspections – Summer Housing and Conferences will reasonably respect the privacy of the Guest, but reserves the right to enter units for any reason. Reasons that Summer Housing and Conferences may deem entry necessary include, but are not limited to:

a)Make repairs, perform maintenance, or install facility improvements;

b) Recovery of PSU or state-owned property not authorized for use in the unit or building;

c) Fire, health and safety, or cleanliness inspections) When there is reliable information that an emergency exists, including, but not limited to fire, water leaks/floods, accidents, sickness, or danger to the health and welfare of any guest; or

d) When there is reliable information that a PSU policy is being violated.

License – This Contract grants a limited, revocable license to Guest to access and make personal residential use of space or a unit in a PSU housing building, together with use of the unit’s standard installed fixtures and furnishings, plus shared use of accompanying building common areas and furnishings, during the Contract Term specified in this Contract.

a) This Contract is not a lease, nor does it create or imply any property interest or convey any possessory or tenancy rights in the building or unit or in any particular space. Guest is assigned initially to space in a specific unit based on this Contract and availability. University reserves the right to reassign Guest to alternative space or to another unit or building at any time during Contract Term, and to terminate the Contract as provided below.

b) Guest shall not sell, sublease, or assign the Contract or unit to anyone.

c) Enforcement: This Contract is a binding agreement between Guest and PSU.  Any violation of the Terms and Conditions of this Contract may result in termination of this Contract.

Weapons: Summer Housing and Conferences will work with the Campus Public Safety to follow up on reports of weapons. Concealed weapons permits do not apply to the PSU campus. The following are prohibited under the weapons policy:

a) Using any object in a manner that could cause physical harm or mental stress. Any item used to harm, threaten, or intimidate may be considered a weapon.

b) Possession of a weapon, firearm, or dangerous item. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to air soft guns, switchblades, metal knuckles, nunchakus, spears, martial arts weapons, electric or electroshock weapons, etc.

c) Possession of an object with blade longer than four (4) inches or ten (10) centimeters, which could include swords, machetes, knives. Kitchen knives used and stored appropriately may be excluded from consideration as a weapon.

d) Possession of a reasonable facsimile of a weapon, which could include airsoft guns, bb-guns, replica weapons, etc.

Miscellaneous Termination of Contract: Summer Housing and Conferences reserves the right to remove Guest from PSU Housing and terminate the Contract, without refund, for conduct considered inappropriate by Summer Housing and Conferences, including, without limitation any violation of the University Housing Handbook, any applicable rules or regulations, or any other applicable PSU policy.


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