International Symposium on Growing Media, Soilless Cultivation, and Compost Utilization in Horticulture

Symposium Topics

dscn1886Topics for the symposium program include:

    • Global developments in composting and sustainable production of growing media
    • Impact of novel substrates on crop production
    • Advances in production of high quality compost for substrates and other horticultural purposes
    • Advances in methodology for physical and chemical properties of growing media and compost
    • Hydroponics and Aquaponics
    • Microbial diversity, resilience and disease suppression in composts and substrates
    • Research and commercialization of wood fiber, biochar, and other organic materials
    • Specification, development, and use of “urban” substrates
    • Water and nutrient management with substrates and composts
    • Environmental and societal aspects of using composts in horticulture: Regulatory and perceptual barriers
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